Saturday, July 16, 2016


If you'll take a look at the sidebar, under Others Observations, you'll see a link to Prescott Area Daily Photo.

That's the blog of my pal, Judy (not SWMBO though) who has blogged from this area for probably longer than I have.

She took a break about 11 months ago and has just returned a few days ago.

Hopefully she's refreshed and, to quote somebody, "fired up and ready to go."

Judy, I (for one) missed you and am very happy to see you're back.

And like myself, if you miss a day or two here and there, no problem.

Except answering all those questions like "Where have you been? What's wrong? Are you ill? etc. etc. etc."

Glad to see you've returned from your "vacation".


Stephen Hayes said...

It's understandable that bloggers might need a break to recharge their batteries. It might happen to me one day.

Tom Cochrun said...

To carry on the thought line here-I had a friend who wrote a daily newspaper column. Tom Keating was a great writer and much beloved, but he said there were days when you anguished over what to write. He borrowed from that old line about you have to open a vein and bleed. Glad to see that Prescott Area Daily is back.

Judy said...

Thanks for the kind words! I think one can get burned out after a while. It was a nice vacation from the computer.

Sharon Anck said...

She didn't even tell her sister she was posting again. I found out by accident a few days later. I'm glad she's back too!