Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The embattled CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, has been forced out of his job over sexual harassment charges.

Reportedly he'll leave at the end of this week.


He apparently will be leaving with a 40 million dollar Golden Parachute, health care for life, security for another six months and an agreement from the Murdochs that they'll pay up if he loses the case Gretchen Carlson filed against him.

Plus he reportedly will continue to "assist" Fox News as a "consultant."

I wonder what this old Nixon hand has on the Murdoch family that would result in that kind of a payoff.

And Melania Trump's speech last night at the Republican convention contained several phrases that mirrored those delivered by Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention in 2008.

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort said Hillary Clinton was responsible for bringing the plagiarism similarities to light.

She wasn't.

Former campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski said on the air of his new employer, CNN, that Manafort should resign.

Meantime Angie Holan, the editor of the Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact had this to say about some of last night's speeches at the GOP gathering:

We found inaccurate claims that Clinton supports the Trans

Pacific Partnership (Mostly False), that she is for open borders

(False) and that 350,000 people illegally cross the U.S. border

every year (False).  We also rated this blast from the past -- the

claim from the actor and convention speaker Antonio Sabato Jr.

that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Pants on Fire!

One can only wonder, how long can this go on while the party's candidate for President refers to Mrs. Clinton as "a liar."

(And people wonder why I don't blog about politics.)


Zhoen said...

I've often noticed that those fastest to call out "liar", and "rude" as well, are pretty consistently the most rude liars anywhere. We see the world through our own warps.

I think they are all insane and afraid, what does that say about me?

Stephen Hayes said...

Get ready for another bombshell: All literature for the campaign claims Mrs. Trump has a degree from the university of Slovenia. Actually, she dropped out during her freshman year after failing several exams. I don't blame poor Melania, this isn't her doing, but if Trump would lie to make his wife seem like more than a bubble-headed model, what will he lie about as president? This is also why I don't blog about politics.

Should Fish More said...

I was thinking this morning about a post I would do if Trump won the election. It was something
along the lines of "Congratulations, America. You've finally elected the president you deserve. Do enjoy."
I am so amazed and disgusted and wondering that apparently millions of us actually want this totally unqualified, pardon my french, asshole, to be our president. Any faith or hope I had for us as a people has rapidly vanished.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

I try and stay away from politics on my blog, too. Mostly because lots of very nice people stop by my blog who I know have stupid political opinions.

I thoguht I was going to be excited about this eelction, but I'm so scared, I just want to sleep until it's over now.

Tom Cochrun said...

Ailes is a propagandist of the highest order. He has poisoned the journalistic well and apparently he's a creep. He may be rich but he is ignominious. Karma's a bitch, Roger. That's fair and balanced.

I do blog about politics. After 42 years of covering politics there are some things that need to be said. Whether anyone pays attention or cars is secondary.

nereus said...

Well... I'm in Prescott. And there is nothing, nothing at all that won't deter the good Christians on my street from voting for Trump. It's almost as if... they weren't exactly godly, even if only aspirational. Wonder what it could be...

L Lewis said...

I find both religion and politics to be hilarious and to mix them is a cocktail you could get drunk on quite quickly. And as Mike stated above about having an asshole for a President, there have been plenty of them in the past. Many smart men have turned down that job and many good men have been ruined by it.

Lowandslow said...

Welcome to the political Black Hole I regularly write about. I find it interesting because I can't imagine how a politician can say what they do, lying through their teeth the whole time, and keep a straight face when talking to the voters. When caught red handed in a lie, they just change the subject and move on. They have no conscience at's all about power and, to a lesser extent, money. And the electorate believes every word of what THEIR candidate says with no critical thinking involved. In recent years I've managed to discern the lesser evil in a race, but this year I can't. Both are scary. I'm just wondering how we/Congress/the courts can nullify whatever they try to do when in office? Will we begin seeing widespread civil unrest? How far will it go? Are we in danger of having an actual revolution in this country? Interesting times, huh?