Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Blackwell, half-awake in one of his favorite snoozing spots.

The recliner directly behind my office chair.

In case you hadn't figured it out he is "my" cat.

He follows me around the house and howls for awhile when I go outside or leave to run an errand.

He chose this chair because it's close to me and it's comfortable.

He reclines there unless I happen to be sitting in it.

Then he reclines on my lap.

He is one spoiled cat.

If you have pets do they behave in the same way?


  1. Hemingway has his favorite spot in the large jade planter or on the deck next to our stone and porcelain cats. Joy likes under a bench or on the warm sidewalk. In the garage they are continually finding new places to sleep. Sometimes on a chair, or the top of the car, or in a box, or on the newspaper box or wherever.

  2. Moby is Dylan's cat, especially since the arrival of Other Cat. Sits on or near Dylan, sometimes demands his chair for himself. So Dylan rolls his chair aside and sits on the stool.

    Eleanor will be near wherever I am, or if I'm gone, she'll be in whatever room Dylan is in.

  3. I just know if we got a dog it would cling to Mrs. C, and she does not like dogs.

  4. The three cats we have now hate us and only use us for food. Hopefully not literally! That's their way of thanking us for picking them up as kittens hiding in the weeds down by the mailboxes. The two loyal cats that loved us have gone to the big litter box in the sky.

    The two dogs are extremely jealous of each other, and scramble to block each other from my touch.

  5. I don't have pets now but in the past I've had dogs and cats. They all have had different personalities. One of my cats (a very cute one) loved to knock things to the floor but, only after I had gone to bed. It got so that I had to put the cat in the garage at night. In the daytime it was fine. It only did it at night.

  6. One dog (you've seen him on my blog) wants only to be close to us no matter what we are doing. He loves us both but he only climbs into my lap.

  7. We're between pets right now, but when we had a cat she was mine and liked sleeping on my chest. I swear she wanted to have my kittens.


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