Thursday, August 25, 2016


I don't know about you, Gentle Readers, but I do.

It was probably during World War Two and, yes, I lived through that, having been born in 1940.

I would think it was because of rationing and shortages due to foodstuffs being sent overseas to the troops.

SWMBO and I were talking about that recently and I said "But they ate C-rations and stuff out of tin cans, didn't they?"

She said the front line fighting forces probably did eat that way but those behind the lines did better, having field kitchens and the like.

So, back home: fried bologna.

And another one I remember: fried Spam.

Actually I must have developed a taste for Spam because I still buy it occasionally and enjoy slices of it in sandwiches.

It's been a long time since I tried frying any though.

From what I read, if I lived in Hawaii Spam would be a main part of my dining, in many recipes.

I don't know anyone who enjoys fried bologna these days, though.

And as for either Spam or bologna, don't bother telling me what goes into them.

I don't want to know.


Tom Cochrun said...

Fried bologna was probably the first dish my brother and I learned to "cook." We loved it, especially with ketchup. I'm with you on Spam. We spent January of 2015 on the north shore of Oahu and were delighted by the clever and multiple ways Spam is served there. I like it. Lana does not, so only when she is out of town or at a luncheon do I make it. Fried again. It also can be used in making pate or terrines.

Anonymous said...

I eat fried Spam and Bologna today. I don't mean today, but I still make and eat both. Love it.


Should Fish More said...

I'm afraid I've strayed from this particular pack.........I'll stick with some leftover brisket on a crusty piece of sourdough.

The Bug said...

We get turkey spam now & fry it up - yum! I love fried bologna, but it's been a while since I had any. Maybe I'll get some the next time I get groceries.

joeh said...

I think Taylor Ham, or "Pork Roll" are similar and I do enjoy it from time to time.

Stephen Hayes said...

I remember fried bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. You had to make a few cuts in the slice so it would stay flat when fried. Yum!

Val said...

I worked in an insurance salvage store in Springfield, MO, while getting my Master's degree. The owner was raised on a farm outside there, and had all the beef, pork, and chicken he could eat. He said when his dad brought home a can of SPAM, he and his brothers fought over it, because it was a delicacy for them.

Terry Stynes said...

I didn't realise you had it so bad

Zhoen said...

My first taste of spam was breakfast in a chow hall (The Oasis, no joke) in Saudi Arabia during GWI. With reconstituted eggs, my first real meal in several days, first hot meal in more than that, and I was in heaven. Salty, greasy, and utterly delicious, all reason thrown to the winds and sands.