Sunday, September 4, 2016


Yesterday evening our visit continued with SWMBO's second purchase for the event: balloons!

Both of us had tried earlier in the day to blow up a couple of the balloons and though we stretched them and blew until we were in danger of a coronary attack we could not get them to expand.

We told the visitors that they probably needed a bicycle tire pump or some such device to get enough air into the dratted contraptions to make true balloons out of them.

Then James, the father of the two boys, took matters in hand.

And amazement once again!

As his face grew red from the exertion, the balloon slowly began to form, inch by slow inch.

After long minutes and perhaps a bit of wheezing he was able to lean back with the smile of a conqueror as he and the boys contemplated the result.

Great work, James, you showed us all how it's done.

The boys promptly left for the back yard where they indulged in wild and carefree (balloon) sword fights.


Sharon Anck said...

I seriously doubt that I could blow up a balloon either. It looks like those young ones had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Way too much work.


L Lewis said...

You're having an 'event'? Next time rent on of those helium tanks . . . then you could REALLY have an event!

Treey Stynes said...

James to the rescue.

Should Fish More said...

Want me to send first-responder techniques for a coronary or cerebral vascular event?
Glad the kids had fun.


joeh said...

The long skinny ones are the most difficult.

Catalyst said...

TELL me about it!

Judy said...

I wouldn't be able to blow up a balloon either. Fortunately, I have no reason to try. I'll stick with the bubbles.

Stephen Hayes said...

It's been ages since I tried to inflate a balloon but these days I'd probably have difficulty.

Tom Cochrun said...

Balloons seem to have gotten longer since I remember inflating them.