Saturday, September 3, 2016


We had company last night which included two handsome young boys . . . Brandon, age 9, and Liam, age 7.

At those ages, they could be our great-grandchildren, were they in fact related to us.

Prior to their arrival, SWMBO purchased two bottles of bubble blowing liquid.

When she brought them home, I scoffed that even at their youthful ages the pair would not, could not find this of any interest.

After all, these boys have been born into the computer age and undoubtedly each have their own digital pads with which they would be engrossed.

And they were.

Until the bubble solution came out.

What to my wondering eyes should appear but two young lads happily blowing bubbles and scampering around the yard, giggling merrily.

Once again, the old Catalyst was proved wrong in the light of his mate's wiser logic.

When they return this evening we'll see how the balloons go over.


L Lewis said...

Will you be making balloon animals?

Catalyst said...

Well I have my doubts. Judy and I each tried to blow up a balloon and neither of us could do it!

joeh said...

Bubbles trump electronics...who knew?

The Bug said...

Bubbles are fun at ANY age!

Zhoen said...

Oh, I need to get some bubbles!

Tom Cochrun said...

Bubbles just make you smile. Unless they get in your eye.

Treey Stynes said...

The simple things are often the best

Stephen Hayes said...

Sometimes it's the simple things that please the most.

Should Fish More said...

I'm fond of bubbles meself.

Lucy said...

I went out into a scorching hot Wednesday afternoon in the village; two very little girls, one black, one white, were blowing bubbles on a doorstep and squealing with delight, a very old man was sitting on the pavement in his deckchair by his veg patch, and a handsome young couple, the girl with hair like a brunette waterfall down to her waist, were stacking their delivery of winter logs from the road outside their door into their cellar. It was all timeless and quite idyllic.