Wednesday, October 19, 2016


People are sometimes surprised that where I live in Arizona we actually have four seasons.

But our home is at 5,130 feet . . far above the desert floor of Phoenix though only 80 miles away.

So our trees turn colorful at this time of year, changing from the summertime green.

In front of our home, our Red Maple is beginning to change to the color that gives it its name.

Just outside the window of my den the Redbud is rapidly losing it's summer foliage, as the leaves turn golden and then fall.

That keeps me busy several times a day cleaning out the bird bath.

We're waiting until the tree is completely or nearly bare before we take on the onerous job of cleaning up all the fallen leaves.

That's probably why we know this autumn season as "fall."


  1. Nice color we have the changing here also.


  2. As your post shows, Arizona is a beautiful state with more weather variety than most people think.

  3. Red maple is my favorite, especially when the sun shines through it in the morning.

  4. Lovely fall scenes. So nice they are so close to your casa. Cue Roger Williams, Autumn Leaves.

  5. Beautiful fall colours there! I'm busy taking autumn shots, which will last me well into November.

  6. I miss red maples most of all. Autumn in the Great Lakes region, and in Boston, is much more colorful than the mostly yellows we get here.

    All those leaves, I just think of them as free mulch.

    1. Also a Michigander, and would do the tour of following foliage all over the state. I would compete with a friend in NH, who always said hers was better. Bah.

  7. You will notice I bonzai-ed my trees this year in anticipation of raking.

  8. That red maple is going to be a beauty.

    Yellow leaves of some sort were swirling down on me yesterday as I drove to town. Our trees have just started changing over the last two days, here in eastern MO.

  9. Beautiful fall colors especially with the maple tree and by the way I like this new profile picture.

  10. When I was a kid I used to enjoy raking up the leaves in our yard in Illinois. However, I didn't enjoy the smell of the smoke as people burned the leaves. I do remember that at one point, burning leaves in the city was banned and that helped. After that I could go for long fall walks without running into a lot of smoke.