Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The Black Buddha is wiser than most.

He knows to sit in a ray of sun on these cool wintery days.

He sat there without twitching while SWMBO took numerous photographs.

Until he came out of his meditation to look at what was disturbing it.

"Oh, there she is with that damned camera again."


  1. Heading for that ray of sun might be the inky thing dogs have in common with cats.

  2. I get that look from Moby, "Would you cut that out."

    Cats are photosynthetic, they turn heat and light into cute.

  3. Just thinking how warm that sun must feel on his fur makes me want to nod off.

  4. Looks like a great place to snooze the day away. :)

  5. Animals have great survival instincts and are smart enough to find heat when available.

  6. I actually did exactly the same thing yesterday afternoon when I got home. I stood in front of the sliding glass door with the sun beating in and just basked in the warmth.


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