Friday, November 4, 2016


That's how many days are left until the campaign is over.

For the U.S. citizens among you, don't forget to vote.

And don't forget to smile awhile.

It's said that this election season is tearing couples, families and longtime friends apart.

But not everybody . . .

O.K.  Enough about that.

On to more important subjects.

All right, wine lovers, er, Gentle Readers, I want you to have yourself a totally stress-free weekend.

SWMBO told me that both CNN and Fox News are down this morning.

That's a start.

Don't forget to vote and don't forget to always keep laughing.

Here, kitty-kitty.


  1. "We need to move in with your parents." Oh, that's right. They are no longer living.

    1. Your parents may not be living but, they may still vote for Crooked Hillary Clinton.

    2. Now see, Catalyst is clearly trying to keep this a political opinion free blog, but people just can not comply.

      I object to your is funny though.

  2. Enjoy your weekend...I like the crazy on the porch.

  3. Maybe I should start building multi-generational dormitories. That seems to be where we're all headed. :)

  4. "But chasing the laser is so much fun!"

  5. I AM the crazy on the porch!

  6. I can't move in with my mother. Her TV is glued to FOX News and I can't stand it.

    1. OK, that balances out Tim, but that's enough political comment!!

  7. Some great stuff here! I'll pass a few of them around to some of my best frenemies! :))

  8. We've always gotten along well when we shopped, but unless we went hungry, we wound up with a lot of condiments, and no meals. Not food-motivated people. Yes, we do have six jars of jalepenos at the moment, how did you know? It was a freak accident, I swear.

    I'm glad for Bob Newhart that the Cubs won.

    As for divorce, well, it's expensive, because it's worth it. Yes, I have an ex. Not my current dear one, who is a gem. And I'd live in a box on the street before moving in with either of our parents ever again. Some families is crazy. Some is unbearable.


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