Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Only six days left in this year's presidential election campaign in the United States of America.

Otherwise known as the Silly Sweepstakes.

But on to other matters.

I took a drive over to Fain Park the other day and this is what I found.

The "lake" looks terrible due to lack of water.

It was drained a few months ago in order for work to be done on the drainage system at the dam.

But it was full again in August.

Now it's down again.

I guess problems continue.

In spite of this sign, I noticed a couple of people had climbed over the fence and were trying in vain to snag a fish or two in the lowered water.

Some folks apparently can't read.


Stephen Hayes said...

I wish we could send you some of our water.

Zhoen said...

They can read, they just don't think it applies to them.

Refraining from other commentary, out of respect.

joeh said...

Fisherman just can't help themselves!

William Kendall said...

You wonder what the problem continues to be.

azttttommy said...

Bundy types.

The Bug said...

We lived near a lake that was drained every winter - but that was just some sort of management tool that they used. It was pretty unattractive!

I'll be so glad when next Tuesday is over!

Kate said...

The election cannot be over fast enough for me. Hope that the water issue in the lake is resolved soon.

Lowandslow said...

Some say water will be our next crisis, surpassing oil. There is no synthetic water that I know of, and desalination has limits.

Val said...

Well, I am SHOCKED that people don't follow the instructions posted on signs! Just like I was on the way to town today, with another bridge-fisherman parked directly in front of the NO PARKING sign.

Anonymous said...

About time.


Judy said...

Well, that's just sad!