Tuesday, November 1, 2016


We moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1972 and lived there until 1987.

Then, in 2013 we moved there again.

It had changed a lot in those 26 years.

In 1972, downtown Phoenix was a quiet place that was "dead" in the evenings.

No more.

Nowadays it is a modern thriving city with a vibrant inner city atmosphere.

Restaurants, theatres, bars and clubs, and more and more condos and apartments fill the downtown area these days.

Arizona Center brings a park atmosphere to the heart of this city of a million and a half residents.

(The metro area brings the population up to well over 4 million, as of 2010.  Probably more now.)

Landscapers have brought a touch of beauty to all the modernist surroundings.

Not a bad place to live, if you can afford it.

And if you can stand month after month of living in a climate of triple-digit temperatures.

We couldn't.

We only lasted 10 months before returning to our refuge in Prescott Valley once again.


quilteddogs said...

Don't get me started on downtown Phoenix. Try and get out of here at rush hour when they have blocked off Central Avenue for two months (at least) with a stupid skating rink. That time is soon approaching.

Sharon Anck said...

You got some nice photos from around the Arizona Center and they remind me that I haven't been there in quite a while.

William Kendall said...

It certainly seems modern.

Tom Cochrun said...

Nice place to visit, but....
Your post does tribute to the modern urban scape Phoenix has become.
We enjoy your home and climate in PV.

Stephen Hayes said...

Too hot for me. I need breezes and a proximity to the ocean.

Lowell said...

I first lived there in the early 50s. The population was 150K. Humidity ran about 7%. Moved to Minneapolis. Married, moved back in 1959. Population had soared, humidity was running 30% plus and it was, as usual, very hot. But I am an alumni of ASU, so still have some roots.

Val said...

I'm sweating just looking at those pictures.

Kate said...

It is a vital and busy modern city.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but the heat is not for me.


Judy said...

You got some nice shots of the big city. Isn't there an old saying...'if you can't stand the heat, get out of Phoenix?.... Or is that the kitchen. Whatever.