Wednesday, December 14, 2016


SWMBO has been on a tear lately.

First she made Spiced Pecans.

Then Spicy Red Pepper Jelly.

Some great Bacon Ginger Cookies.

Yesterday Apricot Pecan Cake.

When I was a wee lad in North Dakota my mother frequently used to bake.

Cookies, bread, sweet bread, cakes and pies.

Strangely, my memory of those times is her slapping my hand when I went for a taste and saying "That's for the Ladies' Aid."

I have related that story to SWMBO many times over the years and she has finally learned.

When she makes something for a gift to someone she always makes enough extra so I get my share.

Just to show her what an appreciative husband I am, while she's at the doctor and the grocery store I am whipping up a loaf of Pumpernickel Rye Bread.

Lori Down the Street frequently comments that we eat well.  

(So do she and her Handyman Husband, by the way.)

But I relish this time of year when the limits on treats for the sweet tooth seem to be lifted and the kitchen hums with activity.


Jacob said...

When the kids were young, my dear wife did a lot of baking over the holidays. Not so much anymore when we can just buy pretty good baked goods a Publix supermarkets. But I do remember my mother's goodies - Xmas was dominated by the smell of Swedish pastries wafting from the kitchen.

Steve said...

Good for the both of you.

William Kendall said...

There were years when my mother would have baked a hundred dozen cookies before Christmas time.

L Lewis said...

Well thank you, Bruce, we may eat well, but much simpler than you. We don't make the time to bake and cook like you both do. I'm impressed by the variety you manage to create. It all sounds so good when you blog about it. Especially with accompanying photos. We were at a holiday party recently and everything came from Sam's Club. Just easier to entertain for a crowd.

Tom Cochrun said...

Having sampled some of SWMBO's treats we know what a delightful time this must be for you and your tastebuds. Those Bacon Gingersnap Cookies are on the planet's all time great list!

Stephen Hayes said...

I;ll probably eat a few sweets on Christmas day, but that's all.

joeh said...

I'm trying to cut back, it is a difficult time of the year to do that.

Zhoen said...

We are not doing big carbs ever again here, and not much missing it. So I indulge in nuts and spices. Well, I am always generous with spices, though. Doing my best to keep work treats to an absolute minimum, mostly with success.

Val said...

It's the holidays. Live a little!

Sharon Anck said...

I bet the air smells very sweet at your house right now.

Thérèse said...

The best time of the year to have a good reason for staying in the kitchen and bake.