Monday, February 13, 2017


I am somewhat surprised to learn that this is my two-thousand-six-hundred-fiftieth post on this blog.

That's 2,650.

When one begins something like this, I seriously doubt that one thinks he or she will ever reach that large a number.

The wonders of the Internets apparently have no good way to tell me how many words have been written here.

Or how many pictures have been shown.

Or how many cartoons have appeared.

But the statistics page does tell me that I have written 2,650 posts, as of this one.

And, come to look at it a bit further, it tells me that I have had 374,564 page views to date.

But that's in nearly 9 years, which means it works out to only about 42,000 a year or around 3,400 a month.

And I'm not really sure what a page view is anyway.

It could be someone who actually reads the post.

Or it could be someone who just looks at the title and moves on.

Or it could be someone who got here by accident and moved on without even glancing except to realize it's only a mistake.

So I'm not getting my ego blown up out of shape here.

All I can do is wonder about all of this.

Kind of like . . .

(Thanks to the BRD for sending that to me.)

So, what wisdom do I have for you Gentle Readers on this, the day before Valentine's Day?

Since the day is about love perhaps this quote from the legendary Irishman George Bernard Shaw.

"There is no more sincere love than the love of food."

And that includes chocolate!


Stephen Hayes said...

I know my love for food is...sincere.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think.


L Lewis said...

9 years! I had almost 4 years and life intervened and I dropped it. Now I barely take a photo after all those years of capturing plenty! Loved Wonder Woman pic. How old would she be now? Or is she timeless?

Catalyst said...

Lynda Carter is 65. Wonder Woman is ageless.

joeh said...

217 pictures of you in shorts that are way too short...I keep count.

Keep them coming! The posts, not the shorts.

William Kendall said...

Quite a milestone to reach!

Tom Cochrun said...

A lot of words, pictures and devotion. Thanks for the effort. I know you are doing it for more than the big bucks the blog gods are paying you.

Catalyst said...


Val said...

In that picture, it looks like Wonder Woman could not enjoy the sincere love of food. Her waist is cinched pretty tight!

Sharon Anck said...

You made me curious so I went to look. I have 3142 posts as of today. Amazing. And, my post with the most views was all the way back in 2010 and was the Pink Fire Truck with 11,627 views. People must Google "pink fire truck" pretty often and accidentally hit my site. Lots of fun information I wouldn't have checked if you hadn't mentioned it.

Lowell said...

Well, I'm not Wonder Woman but I do share some of her traits. Wonder why?