Saturday, February 11, 2017


The BRD and a friend drove to Arizona's nearest "sea coast" earlier this week to visit another friend who lives there.

The destination was Puerto Peñasco in Sonora, Mexico.

The gringos call it Rocky Point and it is located on the Sea of Cortez, which is also known as the Gulf of California.

There.  I think I've probably totally confused you now.

It's about 300 miles from where the BRD lives and only 63 miles south of the international border.

I've always thought it was kind of funny that even though we lived in Phoenix for many years, only a bit over 200 miles from Puerto Peñasco, and also lived in Mexico for over 4 years, we somehow never got to Rocky Point.

But the BRD did and her pictures show it has grown considerably in the last few decades.

From what we've heard so far, the "girly time" went great, including a visit from a persistent and curious local.

He seemed to be trying to tell them "Hey, the shrimp boat is coming in!"

The BRD has spent the past several weeks moving from one house to another, struggling to get the new place in order and generally wearing herself out.

Nice to get away and enjoy a sunset by the sea.


  1. Looks like a nice place for a visit.


  2. I've never been there either! It doesn't look like the sleepy village I heard described many years ago.

  3. I've seen this spot a few times on House Hunters International and it does look tempting.

  4. I once spent a fantastic weekend in Guaymas! That would have been in about 1961-62. It's beautiful country and the waters are to dream of.

  5. Looks like a pleasant place to relax for a few days. I'm sure after she needed the R&R after moving. :)