Saturday, May 6, 2017


I took a little excursion into Prescott today and stopped off at a car show that was fitting for this Kentucky Derby day.

If you can't tell what they have in common, here's a clue . . . a really big clue.

Whether you call them Pony Cars or 'Stangs, the familiar galloping steed in the logo identifies them all as Ford Mustangs.

There was even a group of them painted on this car.

They come in varying styles since their introduction in 1965 and every color under the rainbow.

I've seen this next one before and it's always one of my favorites.

The hood was up just to show you that this car is no sissy, in spite of its pink color.

Mustang fans and owners enjoyed walking around looking at all of the vehicles on display.

Along with the familiar Mustang logo several cars also displayed familiar license plates.

As I was leaving the show I spotted another sleek vehicle just outside the display area.

What drew me to it was the name on the rear of the car.

I was telling Judy about it when I got home but I said it was kind of disappointing to me, "Looked like any ordinary car you see on the road these days."

But then I added, "of course it can probably go 200 miles an hour!"

Might even outrun a Mustang.


joeh said...

My fave would be the red convertible.

Tom Cochrun said...

Ah, but the thing about a Maserati you'll rarely see on, other than a blur!

Lowandslow said...

My first car was a (very used) '65 Mustang. It was a clunker by the time it got to me, but I loved it because it was MINE! I think the Maser you show is a Quattroporte, which sounds very exotic, but it simply translates to "four door". It is a high-performance luxury sedan vs a true racing sports car that made the marque famous back in the 50's.

Val said...

Gotta agree with Joe. You can't beat a red Mustang convertible!

Gunn said...

I can see several I would love to try:)

L Lewis said...

My Sweet 16 birthday car was a white 1966 Mustang with baby blue leather interior. What a nice car! But driving in Michigan, it should have been on blocks over the winter. Not great for a low slung body to be in that much slush.

Jager said...

The first generation Mustangs were built on Falcon chassis, powered by the weak kneed 170 CID Ford 6. In less than a year it was an entirely different story.

Sharon Anck said...

That must have been fun to see. I never owned a Mustang but I do love the look of them.

Lowell said...

I've never understood the fascination with Mustangs. They're nice and all, but what is it that drives people to "worship and adore" them? I don't get it. I've had three Fords, two sedans and one truck. The truck was OK but the sedans were junk. Maybe I was just unlucky but I don't think so.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful cars!

Stephen Hayes said...

These are works of art as well as triumphs of engineering.