Monday, May 8, 2017


It seems like it's almost always a windy day in Prescott Valley but the way it blew this weekend was outrageous.

With the wind came cooler temperatures.

The mercury dropped about 12 degrees on Saturday and another 20 on Sunday when it topped out in the 50's.

We're expecting . . . well, the Weather Gods are . . . some rain and possible thunderstorms in the next couple of days but then the front will pass through and it's expected to be sunny and around 80 degrees by Friday.

Just in time for our garage sale.


  1. Nothing surprises me about the weather here anymore. We could still have snow. I brought all my hanging pots into the garage for the weekend. I'm not losing that investment! It felt like I was on the Eastern Seaboard Sunday morning when we hiked with Reggie. You know, when you have to lean into the wind so you aren't blown over? I may have to move to Tucson in my old age.

  2. Well, at least you have some changes in your weather. Here it's just hot and sunny every day. Boring!

  3. Here we could use dry weather because of flooding conditions. This morning we had snow.

  4. Good luck with your garage sale. I hope you sell everything.

  5. If a garage sale was actually inside a garage, I'd go in and browse, just to get out of the wind!

    I hope you have good weather, and unload as much stuff as possible.

  6. We have a dog that would be terrified in weather like this. When the wind blows, she has a "fright night."

  7. That dog reminds me of George Booth's cartoon dogs, from The New Yorker!

  8. It's been on and off windy down here for the last two weeks. And of course, we had a record temperature drop on Sunday. What a difference a day makes. I saw some lightening last night and it did rain here but, not too much. I hope you got some up there.

  9. Wish I could make it to your garage sale...

    Tie it all down.


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