Friday, June 9, 2017


Golly-gee, Red Ryder, these weeks roll around so fast.

Here it is Friday again and my obligation as FunMaster has once again risen to the top of the Jobs List.

To add to my problems, last night I had an overnight test at a Sleep Lab.

And I couldn't sleep!

Who can't sleep at a Sleep Lab?


Came home at 5:30, climbed into my own bed and slept for 3 hours!

Old age and old habits, I guess.

Speaking of old age . . .

And we're off and runnin'!

I used to think the "Whale of a Sale" yard sale signs of our friend Lori (formerly) Down the Street were the best ever.

But this week she's got some competition.

All right, I'd better quit before I get into (any more) trouble.

Have a pleasantly quixotic weekend, Gentle Readers, eat well, sleep well and always keep laughing.

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

(Darn, he was just around here somewhere . . . . .)


  1. More funny stuff. I have never been to a sleep lab even though some people have strongly suggested it. I'm afraid I'd do what you did, stay awake all night and I can't afford to lose any more sleep!

  2. I used to laugh at the signs in our neighborhood: Baby Sale! I didn't think it was legal to sell babies... (I know, groan!)

  3. Love that sign! I'd use it if I didn't have an HOA breathing down my neck . . .

  4. "I sometimes disagree with my wife"!

  5. I'd draw a line through the NEED part of that sign, and re-write it to say, "Crap you may WANT!"

  6. Not being able to sleep in a sleep lab eh?

  7. Thanks for the laughs. Have a terrific weekend.

  8. I did the sleep lab thing. They put about 18 yucky wires on you and expect you to sleep. the first time I said, "Yes but I didn't sleep." They said, "No problem. we can get what we need."

  9. The first two made me laugh out loud!

  10. Crap you may need. HA! So true. I had a garage sale once and people were buying everything I threw on the table. It was a feeding frenzy. But, my trash, their treasure...I took their money. :)

  11. Hate to mention this, but I will. I slept 8 hours last night, not counting getting up to pee at 4:50 am. My first 8 hour sleep in in months. Usually clock in at 4-5 hours.

  12. OK, I seriously chuckled out loud at that bitter divorce sale sign. LOL