Thursday, June 15, 2017


Earlier this week the prime time Tony Awards show was held and a long-time-ago acquaintance was an honoree and winner.

Television, stage and movie actor Cynthia Nixon won the Tony for Best Featured Actress in a play for her work in Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes.

Frankly until the category came up I didn't even know she'd been nominated.

She's a much-honored performer.

This was her second Tony Award to go along with a couple of Emmy's and a Grammy.

She only has the Oscar yet remaining to give her the coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).

Judy and I are always happy when we read something about Cynthia because we knew her many years ago.

It was during our 4-year sojourn in Mexico when I had met a man who became my best friend down there, the late Walter Nixon.

Walter was Cynthia's father and she used to come to visit him every year or so.

Here's Walter, Judy, Cynthia and I (behind the camera) having lunch one day on one of her visits.

She must have been in her early 20's in those days.

While she had been acting in New York City since she was 12 years old, Sex and the City was far in the future.

She was a quiet girl in those days and very kind to allow a photo with this presumptious friend of her father's.

Walter was very proud of her and so are we.


Jager said...

As well you should.

Tom Cochrun said...

Great post. Nice memories about a very talented woman.

Lowell said...

She did a good job on Sex and the City.

RedPat said...

That's great!

Stephen Hayes said...

How exciting to know a celebrity.

L Lewis said...

It's not what you know . . . it's who you know! Lucky you!

Val said...

I never watched Sex and the City, but I know who she is. Speaking of her early years, I remember her from "Little Darlings," way back in 1980, with Kristy McNichol, Tatum O'Neal, and Matt Dillon.

Silver Willow said...

how cool! I love her work!

Steve said...

Super post.

Sharon Anck said...

How fantastic that you know Cynthia. I've always admired her work.