Monday, June 12, 2017


We had a plumber here yesterday to fix the last of a handful of problems (that should have been taken care of before we moved in) and Judy finally got the dining table cleared off.

I got my bedroom/den a little more organized.

We have started an area in the garage to place items that will eventually be sold.

Judy has re-arranged the bookcases in the living room, repaired a broken hand that one of our Aztec gods suffered in the move and emptied yet another big box.

The pile of empty boxes and bags of bubble wrap and piles of foam padding is mounting in the garage.

Someone will reap one of these days.

Finally, last night as the Tony broadcast was on the t.v. we enjoyed our first real made-from-scratch meal in our new home.

Tangerine-topped pork chops.

French-cut green beans.

Sauteed apple slices.

All of that and some mashed potatoes and gravy made a meal to bring a smile to the face of a German.

I couldn't eat it all . . . for the first time in memory!


  1. Get a good meal under your belt and all is right with the world!

  2. You're getting there. Get that extra stuff sold/donated, get rid of the boxes and bubble wrap, claim your garage back, and then you'll be on easy street. Trust me, you'll like it!

  3. I've never had tangerine-topped pork chops but they look terrific.

  4. Those pork chops look tasty. I've never tried tangerine.

  5. The meal looks good. The Chops especially good. Now that SWMBO is back in the kitchen, you are home!

  6. looks and sounds delicious! I have a great recipe for pineapple with pork chops. Remind me some day... ;)

  7. Nom-nom! But where is Blackwell?

    1. Oh, that rat-bastid (to quote my friend Jager) is still lurking around.

  8. Tangerine-topped pork chops -- what a great idea! I'll have to try that. Although I'm not sure I could get a tangerine here. Glad you're settling in!

  9. That looks like a fantastic dinner!