Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Yes, once again the ol' Rock Springs Cafe has beckoned to some long-time-ago Channel 12-ers for a reunion lunch.

Seems like each time a get-together is held the crowd varies by one or another of the faces.

Today's gathering included two photographers and two producers.

The organizer of today's fĂȘte was the youngest and most recently retired of the group, Steve Torbeck, known to the Gentle Readers of this blog as Baseball Steve; known to others as a hard-working videographer.

On the other end of the age spectrum was a cowboy, rodeo performer, actor, golfer and television producer, the illustrious Karl Kindberg.

A newcomer to this group was another hard-working videographer (I know, we used to call them photographers), as well as holder of a number of other television jobs, Wally Athey.

And then, with apologies for the work behind the camera today, a producer who certainly will not be known as a photographer, your very own Catalyst.

(So enthralled with his companions that he forgot to take his own picture and thus had to snap one once he got home.)

All of us worked at KPNX in Phoenix, at times all at the same time.

All retired now.

All older, grayer, heavier, more wrinkled.

There were many stories of many others we worked with and a number of whom are no longer with us.

Good times.

Good guys.

Good lunch.

Let's do her again.


Red said...

These lunches are good for the soul. Make sure that this becomes an annual event.

Stephen Hayes said...

They look like a great bunch of guys.

Catalyst said...

Oh, this is much more often than "annual".

Tom Cochrun said...

Wasn't it the work that made TV news guys and gals old?

Steve said...

Always good to get together.

Steve Reed said...

It's always great to catch up with old friends! (Longtime friends, I mean, not OLD friends. :) )

Michael Stein said...

Sure wish I had been there. I love reunions! I worked with all of these talented guys and remember them fondly. Thanks for posting the pics Bruce!

Sharon Anck said...

And pie....was there pie?

Silver Willow said...

I'd rather live with wrinkles, than die before I got them. ;)

William Kendall said...

It's always good to be able to get along with those you worked with.

Lowell said...

Nothing like getting together with old friends and telling all those same old lies! :)

Catalyst said...

I think it may have been the TGIF drinking parties.

Catalyst said...

Oh, yes, there WAS pie.

Jager said...

Did you,after lunch, stand in the street and yell at the clouds?

Catalyst said...

No, only my friends in Southern Californa do that.