Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Foist (first) let me explain.

I took these pictures with an aging smartphone.

It don't do well when I zoom it in.

So the pictures will be fuzzy.


With that proviso, let's check out that woodpecker.

This photo of the busy 'pecker doesn't show you his beautiful coloring.

Or much of the detail of his body.

But it does prove that I have one in our neighborhood.

He was busy in a tree in our neighbor's yard tonight for a long time.

The branches aren't very big so I can't imagine that he's going to hollow out a home but I'm not real familiar with woodpeckers so I'll just have to wait and see.

Maybe he's just practicing.

But I did have a bit of a surprise when I took my first picture tonight.

While trying to focus on the woodpecker (lower left), I was amazed to catch a curious hummingbird in mid-air (upper right).

Talk about a great catch!

I know.

Neither one of them is in focus.

But hey!

This isn't Wild Kingdom, y'know.


L Lewis said...

We are all losing our eyesight anyway. Even if you had taken a crisp picture, it would have looked fuzzy.

Steve said...

Great shots.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm seldom pleased with my photographs, which is why I paint pictures instead.

Steve Reed said...

What are the odds of catching a hummingbird in flight with a smartphone?!

Catalyst said...


Catalyst said...

Thanks, Steve, but I think you praise too much.

Catalyst said...

Your paintings are far better than my photographs too, Stephen.

Catalyst said...

Pure luck, Steve. Hey, is everybody named Steve or Stephen here today??? :^D

The Bug said...

Here - I'll be a non-Steve commenter! That hummingbird capture is pretty darned amazing! The woodpecker is probably looking for bugs to eat.

William Kendall said...

Catching a hummer in mid-flight is lucky!