Thursday, August 10, 2017


"I look best surrounded by color and patterns"

Yes, you do, Muggles (aka Constant Companion).

She's snoozing in this picture but she has something to celebrate.

The one she owns, SWMBO, has graduated.

Yesterday was her last day with her home Physical Therapist.

A couple of days prior to that she was discharged from home Occupational Therapy.

For her graduation exercise yesterday, Bill handed her a cane and asked her to walk around in the house.

She said it was a little bit shaky and a little bit scary but she did it, with Bill walking closely behind her to catch her if necessary.

It wasn't necessary.

Today she had two doctor appointments and went to both of them using only her walker.

Her brand new, bright blue wheelchair that Medicare bought her on her last day at the Rehab hospital stayed home alone.

Muggles, though seemingly exhausted, is proud and happy.


Lowandslow said...

Congrats to SWMBO on her graduation! Sounds like she's doing well, which I guess means YOU are doing well, too. :)

Catalyst said...

If Muggles is happy, I'm happy.

Steve said...

Good for her. The wife not the cat.

The Bug said...

Yay SWMBO! I shall join her in a cane assisted walk one of these days.

Zhoen said...

Muggles has no doubt been working hard to heal her up. It's the purring, it heals bones.

Wonderful news.

William Kendall said...

That is good news.