Thursday, September 26, 2019



Most of the night, I think.

Checking our amateur rain gauge this morning showed just shy of an inch and a half.

We can use it.

Judy and I went to see a doctor (surprise!) this morning, then visited a new restaurant in town - Jen's 7th Avenue Cafe for breakfast.

They were doing "land office" business and we could see why.

Our breakfasts were ample and delicious* and the service was quick, efficient and friendly.

When I was checking out, I told Jen that I joked with my wife that the rain was causing the rush on the cafe, that everyone decided at once that what they needed was a hot breakfast.

She acknowledged that but added that people who  worked outside were shut down because of the rain so they came to her cafe.

"Whatever," she said, "it's good for us."

And Jen's is good for Prescott Valley.

*Sorry, I didn't think to photograph them.


  1. Mmm...breakfast. I get up so late, I don't see the point, and start with lunch. My dusty road needs some rain.

  2. I've been twice. We sure needed a good restaurant. Wish they did dinner. Our server told us there are many "Jen's Cafe" scattered from here to California. Obviously a business model that works. Did I not see a photo of food . . .

  3. Butte is supposed to get near a foot of snow this weekend, glad (sort ) that I'm in Seattle. I'll enjoy the rain with you, Bruce.

  4. We had a heavy fog last night, but we are ready for rain. The Season begins next month.

  5. It has been a bit dry here so we could use a good rain and are supposed to get some tomorrow night. I love eating out for breakfast - so decadent!

  6. A lot of rain here too..still raining and a rain weather warning over Saturday night.