Saturday, May 23, 2020


You Faithful and Gentle Readers may wonder why I call that thing in our back yard a birdbath if birds just fly in and drink out of it.

Why don't I call it a bird fountain or something.

It's because sometimes birds actually use it for their Saturday bath.

For example.

And, in case you couldn't identify that splasher, it's a red breasted Robin.


Steve Reed said...

Starlings are the most frequent bathers in our bird bath, but the pigeons like to drink from it. (And poop in it.)

Phil Perisich said...

Grackles are the worse for shitting in the bird bath. I like the description of them as stretched black birds.

Tom Cochrun said...

They are never embarrassed, think about that! Great tune as well.

LL said...

We had a Peregrine falcon in our front birdbath yesterday. I can remember when we had huge hawks and a family of ravens in years past. Never tire of watching them!

TJ Davis said...

We have a fountain in the backyard, Fiberglass off the shelf, plug it in. I never thought of the birds when I bought it but my greatest joy now is to see them all take their daily baths. So far only mockingbirds and Common Grackles, but lots of fun. Big birds small birds, they seem to come in shifts.


Sharon said...

I love watching birds play around in the water! I saw a robin just like that one at my place back in February and I haven't see it since. I wonder if it flew north when that heat wave hit down here.

Mae Travels said...

WE tried having a heated bird bath one winter. Somehow they never came to use it, at least not that we ever saw them do. It needed to be cleaned all the time, too. Bird feeders work better for us when it comes to attracting actual birds. You are luckier.

be well... mae at