Monday, June 29, 2020


The BRD is concerned about her Mommy and me, self-isolated in our little duplex apartment since March 16th.

She thinks the M is getting bored with the solitary life.

So she inflicted on us a ONE-THOUSAND-PIECE jigsaw puzzle.

With large areas of it displaying monotone colored desert scenery.

It took us, I think, about a month of fiddling with it, sometimes taking a day or two off, before we finally finished it.

Before I dismantled it yesterday evening, it looked like this.

Meanwhile, when we sleep, we dream.

And our dreams are something like this.

Thanks a lot, Gayle!


Jager said...

Good lord

LL said...

I think I would have glued it on a board and framed it! You must have good eyes!

RedPat said...

There is something addictive about jigsaw puzzles. It feels like a waste of time but I think it is good for brain function.

Steve Reed said...

Ha! I've heard of Covid dreams -- is that what they look like?!

Zhoen said...

Wow. Well, not bad stuff of dreams, all in all.

Sharon said...

That puzzle looks like...well...a real puzzler. Congrats to you and SWMBO for piecing it together. Great job.

CheerfulMonk said...

You two have a lot of patience! I would never tackle a puzzle like that.

Val said...

It looks difficult, but easier than the sea and sky puzzles my grandma used to borrow from her job at the state mental hospital. She had one spread out on her dining room table, and would stop as she walked by to fit in a few pieces. When it was done, she'd box it up and take it back, bringing home another one.

The Bug said...

I love jigsaw puzzles! But I mostly work them on my iPad now because the light isn't great over our dining room table.

William Kendall said...

After all that work, you dismantled it?

My uncle would make those, and use puzzle glue over the whole thing to bind it when he was done.