Tuesday, May 11, 2021

OLD & NEW(ish)

 Well, of course, the Master Gardener from London recognized yesterday's mystery alien plant as a dandelion.

The photo was a macro shot of a dead one in our neighbor's yard.

Even I was surprised by how it looked like some kind of evil space invader.

But on to today.

Here's a plant on one side of our backyard arbor.

It's a potted Honeysuckle striving desperately to live up to it's ground-planted brother against the wall.

This one suffered from neglect on our part and under-watering.

But it is surviving this Spring and putting out some of the fragrant blossoms that SWMBO wanted when she planted it.

On the other side of the arbor from the weak Honeysuckle is a Wisteria vine also pot-planted, last year.

Both of the vines died off over the winter but came back to life with warmer weather and watering.

We're still waiting for blossoms and aroma on that one.

Tomorrow (maybe) I'll give you a look at the herbs we've planted.


  1. Plants do not "die off" in the winter. They go dormant. There is quite a difference!

    1. Thank you SWMBO, now get him out there with a watering can.

    2. I stand corrected. (and humiliated)

  2. A dandelion! Hmmm. Fewer and fewer of my tulips are coming up these days. I think I need to plant more.

  3. I am truly shocked that that alien plant is a dandelion. would never have guessed in a million years... I love the photo and it would be a good one to frame as modern art.

  4. I'm waiting a couple of weeks before I plant out in the garden since we are still having fairly cold nights.

  5. I am learning how to wrestle with roses, when I would rather plant tomatoes.

  6. Shows how little I know about dandelions. 😀

  7. I guess I am a bit surprised to see that you have honeysuckle out there. That's a beaut though.

  8. It's amazing how durable some plants can be. I guess they evolved in places with some extreme seasons!