Friday, September 23, 2022


 Wella, wella, wella . . lookie here, it's Friday!

How can one week of agony, tears, madness and heavy drinking go so fast?

Well, maybe the heavy drinking helped somewhat.

Did I ever tell you how great SWMBO is at making martinis?

All I can say is that the pressure has been alleviated (somewhat) as Judy got most of her books placed in the bookcases and that always makes her feel that all is right in the world.

For awhile she had a book with Lennie Bernstein's beautiful young face outward but she eventually laid it down because she said it made her flutter.

I have no idea what that means.

And I don't want to know.

What I do want is to make you chuckle so here goes.

All right, friends and neighbors, that's all I've got this week.

I hope you got some chuckles out of them.

But whether you did or not, endeavor to have an endlessly entertaining end of the week.

And always remember to keep laughing!

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

( . . . oh, far out, bro . . . )


  1. I need that dusting outfit pronto! I wonder if I'd get dizzy barreling around the house running into things on purpose to dust them?

  2. Thank you for the laughs. The best way to start our Friday mornings.

  3. That dusting outfit would come in handy. I can't imagine it's good for anything else. That mosquito remedy would take way too long. Last night I witnessed a good remedy. Bats skimming over the water in a canal so they could scoop up the mosquitos. I cheered them on.

  4. Well, Leonard Bernstein is no longer with us, so you can take comfort from that. :P

    An excellent laughter lineup! The smoke detector gets a special prize.

  5. LOL, I always seem to get that grocery cart!

  6. I'm passing on the password and Einstein ones!

  7. The supermarket gnomes explains so much.

  8. I got plenty of chuckles thanks. I can see that "Duster Dress" knocking ornaments off everything it passed.

  9. I can't remember if I commented yesterday but I had some great laughs from these ones.

  10. Oh these were great!! The first two had me laughing out loud -- you could probably hear me all the way over here!! Have a great week!

  11. After your house move, you can start setting in to your new house. Moving can be very traumatic so it's good to have some more Friday Funnies. Lord knows where you find them all.