Friday, May 24, 2024


 Oh boy! Another long weekend!

Well, at least here in the U.S. of A.

In case you've forgotten, Monday is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor and remember the brave men and women who died while serving in the Armed Forces.

It's a day to display the flag.

It's also a day to get out the barbecue grill or the barbie if you live down under.

'Course if you live "down under", you're probably about to put the barbie away for the winter.

Getting back up here to North America, there are special savings and big sales in stores.

And where I spent three years and met She Who Must Be Obeyed, there's the Indianapolis 500 motor race.

So let's start this weekend off with a tip of the helmet.

Before I gallop off into the sunset, let me remind you of a few things.

Remember the boys and girls in uniform, throw a steak on the grill or some shrimp on the barbie, drink responsibly and don't drive afterward, and have yourselves a remarkable three day weekend!

Oh, and ALWAYS remember to Keep Laughing!!!

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

( . . . oh, yeah . . .)


  1. No - the best western is Outlaw Josie Wales! Ha!

  2. Where's my phone?!!! Yess!!

  3. They're all good, but the Indy car made me laugh out loud.

  4. Such good laughs here. Best way to start our Friday morning. (NewRobin13)

  5. I guess that The Orange Monster likes to jeep a low profile on Memorial Day as he was a draft dodger at the time of The Vietnam War. How did those bone spurs arrive and then disappear so quickly? A veritable miracle! Thank you Jesus!

  6. Lots of favorites here. I liked Juan's car.

  7. That jacked up car would be handy indeed in those flooded areas of the south. I'm glad that I don't even try to back up; I would definitely merit that look--or worse. :)

  8. The peeping Tom is a great one. I had to look a few times to get it.

  9. 👍😊
    --Cheerful Monk

  10. Loved them all! All good laughs!! And on a serious note, YES! Fly your flag on Monday from sun up to sun down at half staff. God bless America.

  11. Due to travel and adventures, I missed Indy for the first time in decades this year.

  12. Loved all of these, Juan's car and the Best Western, (which is Rio Bravo for me)