Thursday, May 23, 2024


The cleanup continues at the site of the Legado apartment and shopping complex in the heart of my town.

There's still a lot of wood and metal lying around the location where the buildings were being built

You will recall that a fire broke out around 1 a.m. in early April and destroyed the project, which was about halfway complete.

Authorities ruled it an arson-caused fire and are looking for the person who caused it.

Rewards are over 50 thousand dollars for information.

The latest word is that demolition of the parking garage at the center of this project will begin in the next week or so.

No one was injured in the fire or among the firefighters who kept it from spreading but the damage is estimated to total 60 million dollars.


  1. That is so sad!!
    ---Cheerful Monk

  2. 60 million! I even imagine it. I hope they catch the firebug.

  3. thecontemplativecat here. So scary. No injuries, thankfully. rebuilding this will be a tremendous job.

  4. That's a big reward! Surely if somebody has information, they will submit it. Not so big, though, compared to the loss. At least nobody was injured.

  5. Whoever started the fire probably just didn't like the building. Or something equally stupid as a reason.

  6. There was a construction fire near us 2-3 years ago, caused by a cigaret being tossed in a trash bin. It took months to demolish and a couple of years to rebuild. I still think they should have named the complex The Phoenix.