Friday, September 18, 2015


Just last Monday I was thinking "Gosh, it seems like this week is going so slowly." 

And then it's Friday again.

So in a week that had many hours of Republican blather, let's see if we can find some humor.

This week you get a bonus cat picture. Just because.

That's it, folks. Thanks to my contributors and others I've stolen from. Let's keep the chuckles going, gang!


joeh said...

Cats like bacon too? Who knew.

L Lewis said...

Love the marriage like a deck of cards. Love dark humor.

Stephen Hayes said...

Why doesn't that poor cat have matching socks? Doesn't its owner care enough to provide them?

Tom Cochrun said...

Bread doesn't make you fat does it?

Val said...

Heh, heh! Catwoman costume!

The Bug said...

Fun week as usual :)