Monday, September 14, 2015


Every time I see any of my doctors they always ask me if I exercise.

Shamefacedly, I always respond that I have been doing some walking.

The doctors then tell me that is good exercise, if I do it for about 45 minutes every day, or at least several days a week.

My walks are more leisurely, 10 or 15 minutes, and of late they've been weeks apart.

So I'll try to get back to daily walks and try to extend their duration.

There are a lot of walkers in my neighborhood, some with dogs, some without, some amblers, some power walkers.

So the example has been set for me.

My longtime friend, Tom, over in California, has taken up tennis and become quite involved with a group of fellow seniors (sorry 'bout that, Tom). I think most of them are older than he is.

I don't plan to take up tennis.

But there is an alternative, apparently designed for we age-challenged folks.

It's called Pickleball.

It's sort of a cross between ping pong and tennis.

It's played with a paddle and a plastic ball and a net.

I've read that it's easy to learn but can develop into a fast-paced and competitive game for experienced players.

The other day I wandered (drove) over to the recreation center here and watched a group of four playing the game for a short time.

It looks like fun though I'm not sure I'm agile enough for it.

Maybe I'll just WALK over and be a spectator.