Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Me and my buddy, Captain Jack Sparrow.

In reality, the pirates are only cardboard cutouts in a shop in the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

I find it hard to believe but our visit there to spend some time with our friend, Lori, and her husband, Dick, was 10 years ago!

By the way, I WAS in a movie with Johnny Depp back in the early 1990's but it was long before Captain Jack.

It was "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and it was filmed around Austin, Texas, where I was living then and I got a chance to be an extra.

This year's Oscar winner for best actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, also was in that film.

But getting back to Seattle, who doesn't love the Pike Place Market.

Lots of good eating there.

Speaking of which, we had drinks and lunch one day at the ultimate Seattle tourist destination, high atop the Space Needle.

Nice view.

And Lori and Dick have a nice view from the balcony of their condominium, too.

Sometimes it looks like everyone in town owns a boat.

Even though it's relatively close, there is one sight that is rarely seen in Seattle because of the frequent cloudy days.

It's Mount Rainier.

But we were lucky with sunshine when we were there and one day we caught sight of it.

We met Lori when we lived in Mexico and have remained friends with her ever since.

Regular readers of this blog should know that she supplies lots of the material for my Friday Funnies postings.

And she was a great hostess for our trip to the Pacific Northwest in 2006.