Saturday, August 6, 2016


You've all heard my mentions of my friend of many decades, Timmer.

Officially, he is Tim D., a vice-president at a Denver television station.

But his wife calls him Timmer, possibly because she (Jeanne) earned the nickname Beaner from him.

At any rate, Tim has gone to the Olympics many times over the years.

This time he was setting up equipment and hotel rooms and such in Rio de Janeiro for 25 people from 11 different television markets, including my old station in Phoenix.

He went to Rio well in advance of the arrival of the athletes and everyone else.

And as such, he's had a chance to do a little touring.

Tim began his long television career as a photographer.

Now he just carries a still camera for his own pleasure.

He is sitting on the Selaron Steps in the above picture.

They are the work of the artist Jorge Selaron of Chile who decorated the steps with over 2,000 tiles from more than 60 countries around the world.

Like me, you may have never heard of them but the Google tells me they are a famous Rio landmark.

But just to prove that Tim really is in Rio, here he is in front of an even more famous landmark.

So there you have it: my longtime friend Timmer, become his own Redeemer.

Incidentally, the night before he left for Rio, Tim was inducted into the Silver Circle of the Rocky Mountain Emmy Chapter in Denver.

So I guess I can cut him a little slack.