Saturday, November 18, 2017


Sharon has some interesting photographs on one of her blogs today and it made me think of this photograph I took in our front yard a couple of days ago.

Apparently it is uninteresting, though, as evidenced by SWMBO's shrug reaction to it when I showed it to her.

Perhaps this picture, taken instead of pointing the camera down but up, is more interesting.

I wanted to photograph the gray, cloudy sky and was luck enough to have a couple of big black ravens fly over as I clicked the shutter.

I cropped the picture down later to better show the birds.

Quite obviously they don't flap their wings in a coordinated manner even though they were flying side by side.

The first picture fills one's spirit with a sense of impending gloom or doom against that slate grey sky, though.

(Today it's blue with lots of sunshine.)