Wednesday, April 27, 2022


The Crooks Fire continues to burn and grow in timber and chaparral approximately 10 miles south of Prescott.

Winds from the south forecast to gust to 30 miles per hour today continue to make fighting the fire difficult.

Over 700 people are undertaking that task as the fire has now consumed over 8,000 acres.

Those southerly winds also mean smoke is blowing into our area.

That's the view from our driveway, across the flood plain toward the Bradshaw Mountains, where the fire is burning.

The smoke appears to be descending directly on the Prescott Valley business district.

That stop sign conveys a message from all of us: just stop these fires.

Oh how soon we grow to miss a day and a sky like this:

That photo was taken in North Prescott only a few days ago.

Now the skies over there are yellowish-brown with smoke and the foul air is contributing to an already bad allergy season.

The only good news from this fire is that apparently no homes or other buildings have yet been lost to the flames.


  1. I change out my fountain and birdbath water frequently and hose down my bushes. The ash on the leaves is not good for them. So much for being able to sit outside right now. I have great faith in our firefighters however!

  2. Hopefully the fire fighters get it stopped in its tracks.

  3. Looking at that smoky sky reminds me of the summers here in California. I hope the fires calm down there and the air clears.

  4. I hope it can be stopped soon. The days of bad air quality are both dangerous and scary. We've had our share here but usually in August/September.

  5. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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  7. No homes or buildings lost is something to be thankful for at least.

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