Saturday, March 18, 2023


 After a terrifically hard rain a couple of nights ago, yesterday was sunny and bright as the mercury soared into the middle 50's here in la-la-land.

I came out of my cave in mid-afternoon to find SWMBO had repaired to the side patio to sweep and to put a few things in order amongst the mess.

As I opened the slider door she greeted me with "I think it's warm enough to have our cocktails out here."

It's usually me who rushes to open the bar so it caught me by surprise when she beat me to it.

"What would you like?", I asked.

"Whiskey", said she.

Not "Red-Eye" but close enough.

So I hastened to pour before she changed her mind and soon we were ensconced in our chairs in the sunlight rejoicing that we could stand the weather for our traditional toddies outdoors.

Actually in the direct sunshine it was quite comfortable.

And the Monja and the Blue Cat were waiting expectantly for us to get the darned birdbath up and provide them with some entertainment.

That will come in time.

But this was our first real taste (heh-heh) of the actual coming of Spring and it couldn't have been too soon.

I hope you all survived St. Paddy's Day and that the weather is improving where you are too.


  1. It has been snowing here all day.

    This pleases me.

  2. Nearly 70 here today and I should be out on a walk and off the computer! Glad you could enjoy your drink outside; wish I liked whisk(e)y but it tastes like battery acid to me.

  3. Also anxious to be ready for when we can be outside, I've washed patio furniture and rearranged front and back porches and back patio. Not quite ready to put up the patio umbrella yet - the winds will be coming next.

  4. I can hardly wait to get out for a drink on the deck.There is still some snow on it though so it will be a few weeks. Glad you enjoyed your first of the season.

  5. It looks like everyone is in for a long cold spring. I could sit in a snowbank and have my cocktail!

  6. Sounds like a lovely way to finish the afternoon - sipping cocktails with your beloved. I guess there will be summer afternoons in Arizona when it's too damned hot to do that.

  7. It was way too beautiful out to spend the day indoors at a production of Anthony and Cleopatra, but that’s what I did.

  8. Yes, get the bird bath up and give blue cat a little shade.

  9. We almost had some spring weather... a day of warmish sunshine. But we're back to rainy days and temps in the 30s. Hope spring arrives soon for everyone here in the northern hemisphere.

  10. Isn't it delicious when the weather finally turns enough to enjoy some outdoor time again?! (Especially with a cocktail!)

  11. We're still under freeze watches, but hopefully we'll be able to sit comfortably on the deck SOON.