Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

Well, the first presidential debate of this year is over. What did you think?

SWMBO and I agreed (Amazing) that it was pretty much a draw. I thought McCain lost points by his constant repetition of "Senator Obama just doesn't understand" . . . and his refusal to ever look in his direction. But, as far as talking points went, we thought it was about a draw.

Everyone I've talked to since says the same.

But that's good for Obama. (And I might add, good for America) He was ahead and this should keep him ahead.

Let's face it. John McCain is not someone we want for the next president. And, more important, Sarah Palin is not someone we want for the next vice-president. Or, god forbid, the next president.

So let's face it, folks. This year, vote Democrat!