Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegetables (twice)

SWMBO let her artistic side come to the front recently. She created this pretty relish plate for one of our meals. Red, orange and yellow peppers, quartered dill pickles, red and yellow cherry tomatoes. And you know what? It tasted as good as it looked!

Then there were these two vegetables, echoing each other's nap positions, though Muggles' eyes are wide open, casting a wary look at me. Don't be fooled by their proximity, however. Muggles initially used to nap on the bed in the afternoons. Then Smoke came along and discovered the comfy spot for himself. Now he usually beats Muggles there. She comes in a little later, jumps up on the bed and haughtily circles Smoke, sniffing at him, doing everything she can to get him to run away so she can take over the spot. Smoke is generally a very placid cat but he isn't easily bullied. So eventually Muggles lies down as close as she can get without actually touching him. Except for an occasional lazy flip of her tail in Smoke's face.

And there they stay.