Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been sort of watching the Ken Burns special "The Civil War" on PBS tonight.  Americans versus Americans.  Thousands, no, tens of thousands killed on both sides.  For what?  145 years later we are still inflamed in this country over the same issues.  No, not slavery.  State's rights.  The disagreement over whether the individual or the city or the state shall determine one's destiny or whether that destiny shall be decided by a federal government.  It is, apparently, a disagreement that shall never be settled.  The sides are about evenly divided and therefore there shall mathematically never be agreement.  Both sides are sure of their way, of their mind.  How can a nation, a people be so divided?  After decades of observing this indecision, I cannot understand it.  And I mourn  the separation of people and their minds.   It is the same in every country, it seems. 

No agreement. 

No peace.

No hope.

Just war.