Monday, July 23, 2012


Such as it is.  The stitches came out of my arm this morning after my recent surgery to remove a squamos cell carcinoma.  If you're queasy about such things, you may want to skip the picture.  But in the interests of full disclosure I'm publishing it anyway.  You can't really tell much about it from the picture but SWMBO says it's about five inches long.  And the lab reports my dermatologist/surgeon got all of the cancer.  Let's hope I never get any more of it.  O.K.  If you're still reading, either brace yourselves or look away.

The nasty looking spot in the center of the scar was caused by a small water blister that formed, apparently as a reaction to the cutting.  Even though it's rosy around it, my doctor says he doesn't think it's an infection but to keep an eye on it.

Now I have to make up a good story for what the scar is from.  The medical assistant who removed the stitches suggested "a shark bite while surfing at Santa Cruz."  I like that.  The only problem is the doc did such a neat job on me the scar will probably just fade away.