Monday, January 13, 2014


Our stay in Phoenix will come to an end in less than two days now. We move on Wednesday, just shy of 10 months after we moved here from Prescott Valley.  Now we will return there, though to a different home. People have asked why.  There are reasons.  We found the cost of living here much higher than we had expected and much higher than in Prescott Valley.  And the BRD lives in Prescott . . . just about 10 miles from PV . . . and was disturbed to see us move away.  She had, after all, left her 20-year adopted home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to move out here to be nearer to us some 13 years ago.  So, late learners that we are, we decided to return to her new environs, where she is settled and happy.  Now (perhaps) she will be even happier.  I think we will. And Phoenix, with its museums and concerts and restaurants will only be 100 miles from our new home . . about an hour and a half distant on relatively high speed highways.

So there you have it.  Plus, on our last visit to Prescott a week or so ago, we tried a tiny new restaurant . . Prescott Lobster & Seafood . . and found their Connecticut Lobster Roll sandwiches exquisite.  Not to mention the gelato that finished our lunches.  It's a great addition to the local dining scene and we hope they will enjoy success and a long life in the city.  We know we will be back.

Oh, and by the way, if any Mainers (residents of the state of Maine) are reading this . . they have Moxie!

This is reputed to be a special soft drink with health-giving qualities. We didn't try it on our visit but we will in the future.  And I just like the name.

So tired as we are right now and will be even more in 48 hours, we're looking forward to our new adventures in our old/new home.

We have done this before.  Too many times to count anymore.  But after all.  We've got moxie!