Monday, January 20, 2014


We continue to unpack and to place our "stuff" around the house. It's coming together and today I took a car's trunkload of flattened cardboard boxes to a recycling plant.  It felt good and I can now walk somewhat freely through our garage.  


(Spoiler alert: I'm going to talk a bit about sports so those of you who can't stand it can just scroll ahead.  Or wade through it.  You might enjoy this.)

Yesterday was a big football day here and throughout the land. Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos over the New England Patriots to the AFC Championship and a berth in the Super Bowl. Manning has been saddled with criticism for years that he is the best quarterback in the game with only one Super Bowl ring.  Now, he'll have a chance to win his second and I suspect he and his Broncos will be at least the sentimental favorite.

But they'll have to take on the Seattle Seahawks who came from behind in the 4th quarter to defeat the San Francisco 49'ers for the NFC Championship.  The focus, unfortunately, in that game came down to Seattle's mouthy cornerback Richard Sherman.  He'll have the Super Bowl to prove his claim that he's the best player on the field.

Meantime, I was informed today of a strange coincidence.

An old friend in Denver to whom I sent this photo said the real question may be whether anyone in either state will remember the game.  And the beat goes on.

Probably a lot of people, no matter where they live nor what vice they favor, may be feeling a bit like this today.

Now to end this on a happy note, I am indebted to the fantastic Tess Kincaid, poet extraordinaire, for showing me this absolutely wonderful music video earlier today.  Robert Plant, he of Led Zeppelin, shows he can sing sweetly when he's paired with the lovely Alison Krauss.  Expand the picture and turn up your volume.  I swear it won't hurt.