Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We turned the furnace on for the first time yesterday.

The house had grown cold with the lower temperatures outside and the heat felt good when it began blowing from the vents.

It's a pleasure of this time of year in our climate.

You might be surprised to learn that here in this part of Arizona we actually have four distinct seasons.

Spring and autumn are my favorites.

When winter comes, we will have cold temperatures and possibly even a little bit of snow.

But if it does snow it usually disappears within 24 hours as the sun works its magic.

As I write this, SWMBO is outside, trimming tree branches and pulling weeds.

Her family going back many generations have always been gardeners and though she says she is through with all that she still has to get out and do the scut work from time to time.

For appearances.

Sometimes I pitch in but it's usually only under duress.

I'm not a fan of yard work.

The photos are of a couple of sculptures at the rear of our public library.