Monday, December 26, 2016


We have just passed what I think of as the mid-point of the holiday season.

It begins with Thanksgiving and a feast.

Leftovers and pre-Christmas sweets occupy the period of the next few weeks.

Here's one that surfaced at my house this year.

Bread pudding which starts with a Chocolate Chip Panettone from Trader Joe's.

SWMBO made two of them this year and only a portion of one of them left the house.

The remainder is being scarfed up by we two gluttons.

I think it's good either hot, re-warmed or cold while the master chef prefers hers to be always heated.

Topped off, of course, with a splash of Reddi-Whip.

But to get back to the season, it continues up to New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

The baked ham we had yesterday looks like it will probably take us this short week.

We got a good deal on some lobster tails at the grocery store the other day so that will take care of our New Year's Eve dining.

The next day will be the beginning of coming down from the holiday food splurge, cleaning up whatever leftovers are still around.

It may appear to you as if our holiday season revolves around food.

Yes, it does.

We have always been, in that somewhat disparaged term today, "foodies".

It has widened our horizons and broadened our . . . well . . . I guess you can guess how this sentence ends.

So I'll head for the kitchen and another piece of that Egg Nog Bread a wonderful neighbor gifted to us.

And I'll rely on kitty-kitty to finish off this post.