Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I tend to think of Farmers' Markets as a warm weather phenomenon.

And the Prescott Farmers' Market does occur during the warmer months.

But surprise!

Prescott Valley invites the growers to participate throughout the winter.

And today is the day.

I visited the market a week ago and took some photos.

One booth had a variety of squash and gourds, for eating or decorating.

I had never heard of arugula sprouts but there they were, alongside some pea sprouts.

Another booth had a variety of breads and cookies.

The Burning Daylight Farm featured home-made cupcakes.

And who knew that Paulden had a winery?

The judges at a Kingman wine festival did as the vintners came home with some ribbons in their first year of production.

And if the food and wine don't get to you, how about some hand-carved wooden spoons.

Or cutting boards in the rear.

The farms and ranches that produce these and other items are scattered from Chino Valley to Paulden to Williamson Valley to Dewey  to Humbolt to Mayer and even over the mountain to Camp Verde.

If you live here and care about farm-to-table food, you might want to stop by the parking lot with the white stalls in Prescott Valley Tuesday afternoons.