Sunday, August 9, 2015


Prescott, Arizona, is a magnet on hot summer weekends. This one is no exception as a big arts and crafts fair has set up for business on the Courthouse Square and thousands of visitors and probably even some locals have clustered there.

Residents of the baking hot desert cities to our south probably make up most of the visitors, enjoying somewhat cooler temperatures under the huge leafy trees on the plaza.

Local buskers show off their musical talents as they try to fill up an instrument case with donations.

Adding to the "state fair" atmosphere are the food booths, filling the air with savory aromas.

But it's not all burgers, barbecue and tamales. This year some newcomers have sprouted up to satisfy different tastes.

In the crowd of ballcaps and sun hats and sandals, some people are maintaining their individualism.

It's a fun day but all this walkin' and gawkin' makes a fellow tired.

I think I'll head for home and a nap.

Good idea?