Sunday, November 8, 2015


Yup. After I finally got my computer working late yesterday afternoon and trying for a couple of hours to find some of my old programs, I took a break to watch the news on t.v., have my dinner and drinks, watch a bit of television with SWMBO.

When I went back to the computer the monitor was black.

This didn't surprised me as this new (to me) Windows 7 program tends to put the machine on a little break if the keyboard hasn't been activated for awhile.

But then I couldn't get it to light up again. Nor would the machine turn off when I pushed the power button.  Not until I pulled the power cord.


That disturbed my (non-)sleep but when I got up this morning I approached it with new confidence.

My mistake.

The problem, whatever it is, had lingered and is lingering still.

So I'm back to working on SWMBO's laptop.

She said a moment ago, "you still beat on that thing like you're still using a typewriter."

Maybe that's what I should do to my computer.

With an iron bar!