Monday, June 4, 2018


Could SWMBO's muralizing have angered Mother Nature?

It may have seemed that way today when I was sitting only feet away from it at my desk by the window when a dust devil came right over the fence and through the back yard.

If you're not familiar with "dust devils", allow me to explain.

They are relatively small whirlwinds formed when hot air near the earth's surface rises quickly through cooler air above it.

They are similar to tornadoes though usually of less intensity.

They normally appear on hot, clear and sunny days over flat land.

Here's what one looks like, courtesy of Wikipedia.

So there I was, at my desk, when a dust devil came right over the famous partially-muralized fence and charged through our back yard.

A chair and several plants in pots were blown over and remember that pretty bird bath I was trying to figure out what to do with?

It has seen better days and is now headed for the scrap heap.

The fence?

It withstood the mighty blow.

And the work goes on.