Monday, August 3, 2009

Family & Friends

We've just had a busy (and fluid) weekend as two of our grandchildren showed up on Saturday. They are Christina and Lesly.

The BRD apparently was casting a spell here.

Sunday brunch at Casa Bonita and Lesly had her hair down.

While Christy got surprised by the camera.

Outside, J'Norm . . . the BRD's beau . . . was on his way to a classic car show with her and showing off a little car glamour of his own: his Shelby Cobra.

Regular readers of this blog may recall that J'Norm (he can't decide whether his name is Jack or Norm so the BRD created this combo) also has a GTO while the BRD has an '83 Porsche and an '83 Mercedes.

At any rate a fine weekend was enjoyed by all.