Sunday, June 25, 2017


Yes, it has been brought home to us in the past ten days that we are, indeed, growing older.

I still hesitate to say "growing old."

As my memories of youth get further in the distant past I still hate to relent.

But in recent days, with Judy in a hospital, in surgery and in a rehabilitation hospital, I have been forced to think whenever I move about to "be careful, be aware, don't injure yourself now of all times."

It's not a bad idea to become more conscious of our aging bodies and the dangers that lurk therein.

I'm making big steps over obstacles even as I think unconsciously "but I'm not that old."

Judy is making singular progress day by day.

I watched today as a young man helped her out of her wheelchair, into a walker, then a turn and into bed.

But only one man, one person.

A day or two ago it took two people.

I am so proud of her.

I think she will once again be a new person, perhaps more careful, more judicious but beautiful with a fresh appearance.

I think, fondly, of something my good friend Tom Cochrun wrote to me recently:  "You'll never again be as young as you are today."